VFP's successful project

VFP's successful project
August 3, 2012 - VFP's Troy, Mich., office has completed a unique project. On August 3, 2012, VFP concluded its work on the General Motors Schwartz Creek SPO Facility in Schwartz Creek, Mich.

VFP's scope of work consisted of an upgrade to the sprinkler systems in the existing 900,000-square-foot facility, while it remained in operation, and the replacement of the existing fire pump with an upsized unit (pictured above). In completing the work, the facility had 28 wet systems that had to be removed and installed with new upgraded piping.

The building remained occupied throughout the length of the project. In order not to disrupt the customers, each system's removal was carefully coordinated with the general manager to make certain that an uninterrupted flow of productivity was maintained.

Tomek Lewoc, VFP's salesman and project manager, provided the coordination and communication needed for the success of the project. At the conclusion of the project, 9,000 sprinklers were installed.

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