Sprinkler Save in Middlebury, Indiana

January 15, 2018 -

On Saturday, January 6th, crews from at least four different fire departments were on the scene of a fire at Coachman Industries in Middlebury, IN. Fortunately, nobody was in the building at the time so no injuries were reported. Approximately 90 percent of the building was saved, including the factory portion.

While the fire did garner media attention across Indiana, every article failed to include one pivotal piece of information: that the fire was mostly contained by four sprinkler heads that went off in the office/break-room. VFP Fire Systems was dispatched immediately to replace the sprinklers that had activated. We are glad we were able to assist with the situation and we are even happier that no one was injured. Sprinklers were able to contain the fire until crews arrived on scene. Another reminder that fire sprinklers and firefighters are a winning combination!

Sources: WSBT and WNDU

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