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Residential Fire Protection Projects

VFP Fire Systems has been a leader in the design and installation of all types of residential fire sprinkler systems. We have installed sprinkler systems in lake cabins, single family homes, apartment buildings, dormitories, hotels and high rise condominiums.

VFP has been at the forefront in promoting the education of home owners to the benefits of fire sprinkler protection for their dwellings.

"A home fire sprinkler system, when coupled with smoke alarms, can reduce the risk of death by fire in a home by 82%, while adding less than 1.5% to the total building cost of new construction."

- Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition


Pennsylvania has adopted the 2009 IRC / home sprinkler requirements. Builders are suing to stop it. Be sure to share it around our industry or with any of your customers. It is a great video on how residential sprinkler systems work.

Legacy Village

This is a new apartment complex for Notre Dame students. There are ten separate 3-story building each protected by a 13R residential sprinkler system. The project was contracted direct to the developer RWD Campus Developments, LLC and was completed in the summer of 2009.

Outlook Cove

This is a multi-phased condominium project on Pine Lake in La Porte, Indiana. The lower level is a parking and storage area protected by two dry pipe sprinkler systems. The upper three and four levels are protected by a 13R residential sprinkler system zoned per floor. Each unit is designed individually to meet the layout chosen by the owner. This project was contracted direct with the owner/developer G. M. Fedorchak & Associates and construction is ongoing.


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