Fire Safety Project Management

Project Management

At VFP Fire Systems our staff of specialized project managers is experienced in all types of fire protection projects. These project managers will plan, organize and manage your project to ensure that it comes in on-time and within budget.

Our fire sprinkler project managers have extensive training in effective communication, giving them the ability to structure their questions to find the best solutions for the client and their facilities. Providing guidance throughout each step of the project, they make certain that each component of the project is correctly directed and that each team member is working in tandem to have everything completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

VFP's state of the art job costing and productivity reporting allow our project managers to manage each project with accurate and up to date information.

Every project has potential stumbling blocks. At VFP, eliminating stumbling blocks before they happen is our goal.

  • Project Managers are responsible for total delivery of the project in accordance with established criteria.
  • They conduct long range project planning and scheduling.
  • They monitor and manage projects to comply with safety, quality, and productivity requirements.
  • Project Managers are responsible for ensuring proper staffing on each project for maximum productivity.
  • They review drawings as well as field check all stages of the project.
  • They ensure work complies with all applicable codes and permits.
  • Project Managers report directly to owners and general contractors about progress and consult on any necessary modifications required for the project.
  • They participate in the evaluation of completed jobs to ensure full acceptance and satisfaction.
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