Vortex fire system

Vortex Fire Suppression System

The Vortex Fire Suppression System uses both water and nitrogen homogeneously to extinguish fires. This technology uses a small water drop that will absorb more heat while the nitrogen will reduce the oxygen feeding the fire.

  • With smaller water drops there is minimal wetting
  • Nitrogen is safe to use with people still in the room
  • GREEN design that is completely safe for the environment

Vortex Fire Suppression is the newest of the fire extinguishing systems available on the market today. It is a unique combination of Mist Fire Suppression and Clean Agent Fire Suppression technologies. Vortex uses a combination of water and nitrogen to create an environment that will not sustain combustion and yet not be a detriment to human occupancy.

The nitrogen in the system has a two-fold purpose. It is stored under pressure and atomizes water droplets to an average size of 10 microns. This fine water vapor acts to cool and absorb the heat from a fire. The nitrogen also lowers the oxygen content in a hazard below 16 percent which is the minimum threshold to support combustion. Human life support can be sustained in oxygen concentrations as low as 12 percent. A typical Vortex fire suppression system will target the depletion of oxygen in a room to 14 percent which is low enough to eliminate combustion yet high enough to sustain human occupancy.

Vortex nitrogen supply is also the greenest of the fire extinguishing mediums. As our atmosphere is made up of 79 percent nitrogen it has an ozone depletion rating of "0". Water is expelled at a rate of one gallon per minute so the residual effects of water in the hazard are minimal.

Another advantage to Vortex technology is the absence of having to provide a "sealed" enclosure. Unlike other gaseous agents that must maintain concentrations in a "sealed" enclosure, Vortex has no such requirements and is effective within compartments without the need of sealing off openings or penetrations. This ability eliminates the need of patching openings and "fan tests" when certifying system installation.

Common Vortex Fire Suppression applications include:

  • Power Facilities
  • Automotive Facilities
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Data Centers
  • Mining Facilities
  • Museums
  • Libraries

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