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Life Safety Alarm Technician

Location: Fort Wayne, IN

The Life Safety Alarm Technician is responsible for testing and inspection of fire alarm systems as well as preventive maintenance with knowledge of multiple manufacturers’ products. The Technicians will provide accurate and detailed inspection reports with all proper documentation of improvements and complications. They will also assist in selling VFP services for any identified deficiencies. 


  • High school diploma/GED
  • Have a strong knowledge of NFPA codes and industry standards. Maintain good habits and do not cut corners 
  • Communicate effectively with your leaders regarding job status and any concerns 
  • Have full authority to stop work if you observe unsafe actions 
  • Meet the responsibility to be fit for duty every day; there is a zero-tolerance policy for substance abuse 
  • Be productive and keep inactive time to a minimum
  • Keep your work truck clean and organized 
  • In addition to required PPE, dress appropriately to represent yourself and IFP as a professional tradesman and organization, respectively 


  • Routine inspections, testing, installing, servicing and preventative maintenance of life safety product lines. 
  • Handle low voltage wiring and corresponding devices for the operation of low voltage equipment.  
  • Astea and FormLink platforms must be utilized on all inspections. 
  • Responsible for operating with minimal supervision while performing alarm inspections. 
  • Work with Project Leader, Schedule Coordinator and/or Office Manager to ensure complete closeout and turnover of jobs to the client (Confirm that work is completed so it can be billed in full). 
  • Build and maintain relationships with customers. Recommending additional IFP services to include SHAD, sprinkler installation and monitoring, then communicating back to the sales team to complete the up-sell / cross-sell opportunity. 
  • Meet responsibilities to the customer, fellow workers and IFP by arriving to the job on time, ready to work, every day. 
  • Adhere to contractual starting and quitting times, including lunch and break periods. Personal cell phones will not be used during the workday except for designated break periods. 
  • Maintain accountability and respect tools provided by VFP. 
  • Respect the customer’s property. Dispose of all trash properly and be aware of your surroundings to avoid property damage. 
  • Understand and follow all customer, APGroup and VFP safety and security policies and procedures. 
  • Obey all safe, reasonable and legitimate leadership directives. 


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